Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ascending Jesus

Ever been to visit a town called Coonamble in country NSW?

Its a nice looking place.

Vanessa and I visited on our way through to the Macquarie Marshes on our Central NSW road trip. It was Easter Sunday. Coonamble was our first port of call after the Warrumbungles, and as we approached the main street we saw an effigy strung between two wires, hovering in sinister fashion over the main street. As we drew nearer, we were stunned into understanding just what we were seeing...

"It's Christ ascending over Coonamble," Vanessa whispered in disbelief.

"But why?" I requested to know. I still request to know.

VK rang her family while we were in range, and of course shared the news. Her bro Ben made a rather acute observation, "The scary thing is that it wasn't a single person who decided to create a Jesus ascending over Coonamble mannequin. No it would have taken a whole committee of people..."


  1. G'Day Kathrzn, you don't know the half of it.
    This is only the risen jesus.
    On Thursday afternoon before Good Friday JC complete with crown of thorns is strung up on a crucifix. He is then mysteriously replaced by ascending jesus (as you call him).
    Why? I don't know. We have some pretty devout catholics in Coonamble.It was the birth place of the Brigidine Nuns in Australia and it is also the hub of rosary bead making in Aus.
    The 2006 census declared Coonamble to be the most devout town in Australia per capita.
    At least the flying JC caused comment.
    Better to be remembered for something than nothing. Next time you pass through stop by and I'll blow your mind with some other stories about this place.
    Cheers Michael Graham
    Editor - Coonamble Times & atheist.

  2. Thanks Michael. What an incredible story! It certainly gave us something to think/talk about on our travels!

  3. One year ascending Jesus broke one of his wires and swung down through the newsagents window.

    Apparently when they turned up, there was glass everywhere and JC had unleashed some holy wrath on the place.

    His hands were damaged in the incident, hence why he now appears to be throwing gang signs, and/or raising the roof.

    David Berryman