Wednesday, September 2, 2009

heiiiii ye gaeiiin? yeeei good

Tonight I learned of the peaceful swastika, the Japanese fireman who tries to blow out fire with one eye closed, the influences of midget artist Toulouse-Latrec and the traditional Newcastle greeting, "Heiii ye gaeiiin?" (How ya goin?) to which the traditional reply is, "Yeeei good." (yeah good). Apparently it is ok to dwell on the yeeeeei for as long as you like before emitting a clipped 'good'. Thanks to Nick L for insights, Jas and Noah for being a two headed slug (silvery flaccid), and Jen for general beauty and gorgeous fun. Oh! and good beer - I love my friends.

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  1. INterestingly - I have discovered that Newcastle people have a very distinct accent. My students speak it very strongly. It is even flatter and more nasal that Australians usually tend to be. For instance the other day Gilly and I were driving and we heard a man in an adjoining car saying, "Why would you stand on the balcony?" Only he pronounced 'balcony' as biyerkenny. strange. I intend to record some of my students for posterity.