Saturday, November 21, 2009

suit or threads

It's almost like we think believing in God and the practise of our faith is about putting on an elaborate suit of clothes that doesn't quite fit. We wear it for a while, but eventually the jacket comes off and the tie loosens and then we realise we just want to get into our trackie daks.

Well I say ditch the suit metaphor. I like the idea of a virtually invisible golden thread. There is a virtually invisible golden thread beside us at all times. If we find it and keep our finger on it we can follow where it leads us, trusting it will take us somewhere good. We follow the thread by asking the part of our heart that yearns for goodness and life what we should do next. If we forget to ask that question and start doing things differently and it all goes pear shaped, sure we have taken our finger off the thread. But its still there, and at any time we can place it back on by asking that question and following the good part of our heart.

This idea stolen from George Macdonald, The Princess and the goblins.

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