Monday, March 23, 2009

trust and pray

As I grow older, the grief and troubles of our world present before me more starkly.

As I grow older I need a fresh hope.

I find it harder to reconcile the hurting world I see with the wishy washy 'inner faith' of my past experience. Jesus promises to redeem. This is no simplistic promise. It must have some application for life in a real way in the hurting people I know and love. And that application must take into account their freedom (and my own) to continue in various, possibly even some destructive, beliefs and behaviours while still allowing healing and transformation to happen.

I want to find a way to live in this belief and be a carrier of such transformation and see the power of the Spirit at work.

I think the first step is to trust and pray. And to not be afraid to let the suffering of others call out to me; to not be afraid to share in their joy. Make time for conversations with people; listen more in them. To smile is a beginning.

I really want to listen more...

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  1. So it is not only me thinking this way. Getting older is kind of trap. You cant escape it and it is so hard to be again as happy as children who scream behind the window : )

    Pray and Trust. Thanks Kate.