Friday, May 1, 2009

bourke and beyond

Our travels continued up to Bourke, which we both loved, and even further west. We visited a small town called Wanaaring and spent the night camped by the Paroo River (Vanessa and I both terrified of death by wild dogs/human psychpaths for the 12 or so hours that we lay seperately in our swags worrying) before heading on down to White Cliffs. We got so used to dirt roads that sealed ones started to feel like God was spoiling us. Mind you I never got used to that squeaky sunroof cover.

Peery Lake was full of water when we visited, which was very special and beautiful, and our night at the underground B&B in White Cliffs was memorable and confortable. There are two small hills in White cliffs jutting up out of a broad flat landscape. Sitting out in the night sky, on top of a pile of rubble, I felt like I was very high up and the earth looked like it had a serious edge to it.

No I don't regret staying up late for moonrise...

nor do I regret getting up early again for sunrise....

It was a privilege to lose sleep for the sake of those moments out in the world.

And I knew that I had four glorious days with my Walker family ahead. I could have stayed up four nights running and paid the price later!


  1. It was a beautiful place - and a bit special to run into you guys in Bourke. How weird was that! You had my book with you and everything! Read any more of the DWJ series'?