Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iron grey with big bold eyes

I am reading a book about heroes at the moment.

James Chalmers, courageous prankster. The perfect man to head over to New Guinea 'n introduce them to Jesus there. Here's Robert Louis Stevenson's description...

“a man nobody can see and not love… a big, stout, wildish-looking man, iron grey with big bold eyes and a deep furrow down each cheek… with no humbug, plenty of courage, and the love of adventure… he has plenty of faults like the rest of us but he’s as big as a church…”

I love it. Oh to have something like that written on your tombstone! Even better - if I could actually live like that. Looks like I better go and cultivate some habits.

The Coona team turned up by surprise today. What an awesome one! We had fun together! I got Irish danced into a corner and we sang heaps and had a whale of a time. I loved catching up with brothers and sisters and I'm in a thankful mood now. Thankful for good friends and a man who lived in the jungle and let it bring out of him something more of who he was created to be...

Excerpt from Pollock, J (2008) Fistful of heroes

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  1. James Chalmers' life was ended as he and a friend visited a new tribe. To their surprise the tribe members were waiting for the next strangers who entered the village to sacrifice and eat in honour of the new temple they had completed.

    Does this change the way I think about Chalmers? Perhaps it does...

    I think I still envy him a little.